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Travels: John and Janice

As the story goes, we are a “Things are better the Second Time around” marriage. We met when Janice worked for Citrix Systems in Fort Lauderdale and John was the CEO of a technology start-up. Janice was reviewing the possible acquisition of John’s company for Citrix. In the end, as Janice tells the story, Citrix did not purchase his company. Instead, there was a merger between Janice and John. 

We both love change; we love golf and new adventures. This blog tells our story of golf and travel for the past 15 years,  our love for wine, world history, learning local customs, and having fun. All of these ingredients are what we use to decide “the next adventure.”  Of course, the famous “bucket list” sometimes comes into play. 

We have enjoyed many trips worldwide to fantastic locations in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand,  Scotland, England, Wales, Spain, and France. We cruised through the Nordic countries and visited Denmark, Russia, and many other countries; we purchased Euro-Passes and traveled by train through Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy, only using public transportation along the way. 

In 2011, we decided to write up our travels and started the blog “Travels with John and Janice.” We wanted to tell stories about the various places we visited, not just for our memories but for family and friends. Many friends and travelers started to follow the blog, enjoying our experiences and getting ideas about things to do.

A little bit about our backgrounds: 

Janice was in the software engineering business for over 40 years working for IBM, Citrix Systems, and Sun Microsystems. She was always blessed to work on leading-edge technologies like the first multi-processor Personal Computers, Speech Recognition, Handwriting Recognition, and the PDA “Apple Newton,” with the early adaptations of those technologies into devices. At Sun Microsystems, Scott McNealy always said, “The network is the computer,” so she got to create some of the first Cloud Computing environments and tests with customers; in general…(NERD!).    

John was raised in Seattle, Washington…on to Topeka, Kansas, and then to New York City. His early career was selling large-scale computer equipment to Fortune 100 listed companies. He moved to Fort Lauderdale as a Vice President of a computer leasing company. Somewhere along, he was tied into the.COM world and involved in the founding of two technology companies. 

Our last project was a wine company that delivered wine sold over the internet from small vineyards around the world. It did not make it through the crash of the market in 2008, but what wonderful times we had!


  1. Andrew Hirshik

    What an exciting trip. I’m living vicariously.


    Love this adventure series. It gives us ideas to go. We’ve been to Australia and New Zealand, China, all over Europe and Meditterean. We are thinking about South America now. This summer, Mt Rushmore and Tetons. any good ideas out there?

    1. John and Janice

      Happy New Year! Mt Rushmore is great loved Crazy Horse (the monument being built) would try and hit Cody Wyoming July 4 with the stampede and all that goes on there. Of course if you have time do not miss Yellowstone! We are off to the Fyords and Baltic this year along with Europe via train for a few stops then on to Greece and hopefully Egypt and Israel (we shall see about that leg).

  3. Sherry Wright

    Hey Janice! I wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you and your husband at the Senior Am and give you my contact info. Want to stay in touch, you both are wonderful people. Really enjoyed our time together. Stay in touch! Sherry

    1. John and Janice

      Sherry, For sure playing with you for 2 days made my experience at the Senior very memorable. Tt was a fun 2 days of playing golf and getting to know you and your caddie Elizabeth. Definitely will stay in touch. Janice

  4. Terrance Moran (Terry)

    Hey Guys! Great playing with you yesterday and meeting a couple living my dream. As I mentioned we have a good friend in Jupiter and I’m thinking we will be traveling to Florida in February as Patty has two brothers who live in the Orlando area and I have a couple of fraternity brothers who live in Naples. It would be fun to see you two, play some golf. Safe travels

    1. John and Janice

      Terry and Patty:

      The pleasure was ours. A wonderful afternoon and we look forward to playing again in Florida on your trip in February.

      John and Janice

  5. Debbie Webb

    Hi Janice,

    This is Debbie Webb from FLCC. Hope that you and John are doing well. Diana Roby and I are signed up to play in the FSGA events in Daytona on December 1st and 2nd. It looks like you are playing in it as well ( but probably in the longer division). Will look forward to seeing you. Mike and I are in Port St Lucie for the last five years and Diana has been in Orlando for about two years after Ron passed away

  6. Carol Majka

    Love Cape Cod. Our youngest daughter is building a second home in Chatham so we plan to spend some time with her and the children. They also had a home in Falmouth (near Osterville) which they sold. We have been going to the Cape for about ten years.

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