Dateline: June 27, 2016 – Athens


We landed in Athens from Rome and took the metro to the Athens Gate Hotel. The hotel was in a perfect location just below the Acropolis and across the street from the Zeus Temple.  We spent the first day walking around the town and finding a place for dinner. We located a small r...

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Dateline: June 30, 2016 - Istanbul

Our last stop was Istanbul, Turkey. This was the original final stop of the cruise, so when it was changed, for security threats, we already had our airline reservations from Istanbul, not Rome. We arrived at the Istanbul SAW airport around 2:30 and were met ...

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Dateline June 17, 2016 – Israel


We arrived in Haifa, Israel, early on Friday, June 17th, for a three-day stay. We had previously, when we were only going to be in Israel for two days, made arrangements for a driver for Saturday and Sunday. That left us with no plans for Friday. After much discussion, we decided we...

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