Dateline February 27, 2015: Anglesea Golf Club

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DSC_0778We drove out from our motel in Apollo Bay with a planned stop for breakfast at the Wye Cafe, about 20 minutes up the ocean. We arrived and John and Janice noticed it was the same cafe they had stopped at when driving from Melbourne to Adelaide, what a coincidence.

We continued the driveinto Anglesea and went to the golf club. It was Ladies Tournament Day, so we had a 1:15 Tee Time.  We grabbed some lunch and took in the visuals of the course.  It is famous for all the kangaroos that share the course with the golfers. Looking out from the clubhouse we couldn’t see any. The golf pro told us during the day in the heat they sleep and when it starts cooling off they start to feed again.

The pro let us tee off on the 10th hole and we wound our way on a dogleg left to the 10th green.  Still no kangaroos.  We tee’d off on the11th hole and  noticed a fence running along the road to the golf course.  We later found out that many tourist, on busses, would stop next to the course and run across the golf course to take pictures of the kangaroos, so the fence was to keep tourist out not keep the kangaroos in.  As  we approached the 11th green we came across our first mob of kangaroos.  It was constant throughout the first nine holes and a lot of photos were taken. The golf course was a very good test of golf, the problem is when there are kangaroos everywhere you tend to get distracted. Many of them had collars with names, guess they are permanent members of the club. No need to say another word; here is Anglesea Golf Club!


It was a fun, fun, round of golf, when we finished a member of the club asked how we enjoyed it, the pictures tell the story, she commented about how gentle the kangaroos are, and they really are.  It is now off to Melbourne.