Dateline August 25, 2020: Pinehurst Golf

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On to Pinehurst

Mid Pines and Southern Pins Golf Clubs, Southern Pines, NC

We had been staying in Raleigh visiting John’s children and the four grandchildren. We left bright and early and drove down to play golf at Mid Pines Golf Club Resort. It is a beautiful pine tree-lined course in the Pinehurst area. We had a great morning, paired with a gentleman from Nyack, New York who was at the course playing while his son was at a golf camp down the way at another golf course.

The following morning we played at the Southern Pines Golf Club. Mid Pines is owned by a group that also owns Pine Needles Golf Club. Southern Pines needed work but was a wonderful golf experience. We were happy to learn, after playing, that the Mid Pines/Pine Needles owners had just purchased Southern Pines. All three courses are Donald Ross designed and just great courses to play if ever in the area.

John’s parents lived in Southern Pines for a few years and John had wonderful memories of playing golf with them there. They left Southern Pines and moved to California to live with John’s brother Willie back in the 1990’s.

Pinehurst North-South Senior Am

Pinehurst has hosted the North-South Amateur Golf Tournament since 1901. The Senior Women’s was first played in 1957 and the Senior Men’s in 1951.
We were both accepted to play in the 2020 North-South Senior Championship, an absolute thrill!

Symphony – Our Airbnb Mansion

Lin Culver had rented the Airbnb for 8 of us to share. What a riot, it was a 1934 mansion recently renovated inside by a family descendant of the original owner. With nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms, there was plenty of room to honor “COVID distancing”! The almost 8,000 square foot house included a butler kitchen with a huge regular kitchen, a music room, library, laundry room, and a dining room for at least 20 people! The house was only 5 minutes from the main Pinehurst Resort Courses and 10 minutes from Pinehurst Number 8.

Janice Outside Symphony House

As everyone began to arrive we all had different plans for our golf practice rounds. By evening each night, we all joined for cocktails and dinner. The home became the central gathering place for other friends here for the tournament that was staying in smaller locations.

Sunday Practice Round and Dinner

Sunday was practice round day so we headed off for an early afternoon round at Pinehurst Number 8. We played with a delightful gentleman from Baltimore and Pinehurst, David Ogden. David hosts golfers for what he refers to as the “Ultimate Golfing Experience” called DogDenGolf You stay at his home. He provides a private chef that prepares meals while you play your choice of golf courses at the Pinehurst Resort. It was a fun afternoon playing with him.

Traditionally Sunday night was a dinner at Pinehurst Resort for all the participants. Because of COVID-19, it was “Take-Out”, we picked up our “boxed prime rib” at a drive-through outside the resort. Janice took the lead and picked up the dinners to take back to the house. Dinner was great as we all ate in the big dining room.

Pinehurst North-South Senior Championship Super Senior Division

Day One
Pinehurst Number 2

Monday morning the tournament began. John was going to play the legendary Number 2! “On the first tee from Flagler Beach, Florida, John Wilson” It was his first experience being announced at the first tee. (CHOKE TIME🤣) John used a caddie, and was perfect for John’s style of “military golf”, John could walk down the center of the fairway, and his caddy Joe could find the ball in the rough! John had a very challenging round with trying too hard…we think he almost “choked” the club to death. He had the highest score in his flight, but a great experience.

Janice was playing Pinehurst Number 8 and was the first off the tee. It was a spectacular morning, it was amazing with the fog lifting and the sun peering through the pines. A wonderful round of golf on a fantastic course.

We met up back at the house having both enjoyed the people we played with that day.

Day 2

Janice played #2 and also got a caddie, her Achilles couldn’t do the long walks and the caddie was permitted to drive the cart out into the fairways, John played #5.

Pinehurst Number 5
Final Day

On the last day, John played #8 and Janice played #5. When all was said and done Janice finished 11th, marginal and John finished DFL, but he had a great time. What an opportunity! We look forward to playing in the North/South again in the future.


  1. Janice Thomas

    So wonderful to hear you experiences!! We are going to Pinehurst next month and are looking forward to some great golf! Janice & Geoff

    1. John and Janice

      Thanks for getting in touch. We just arrived in Pinehurst yesterday and it is as wonderful as ever! The weather should cool off a little when you come. We will be writing about the town in a post next week. Best to you both.

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