Dateline: February 27, 2015: Melbourne to Sydney

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DSC_0946We enjoyed our final breakfast at Robinson’s with Stanley saying his good-byes, we packed the car and Paul gave us directions to the M-1. His suggestion was that we go to Metung for the first night. We arrived at a delightful small fishing village, where Paul had spent summers with the family. Being mid-week and school vacations over, Paul thought it would be easy to get accommodations all the way to Sidney.

We tried to find the “I”, which was in a local store, not open. We went to a place up the street called the Moorings, they had a beautiful two bedroom unit on the water with a great deck out in front. IMG_1090_2We took it and immediately fixed a few cocktails to celebrate, well, ANYTHING! Paul had told us that there was a great pub overlooking the water so we headed out for dinner walking on the beach boardwalk to the pub, in the Metung Hotel. It was delightful.

We wanted to play golf along the way, so we headed out to the town of Eden. DSC_0887The owner of the Moorings had suggested we stop in Lakes Entrance for fresh prawns. We thought that they would go great with the left over steak from the night before and the last bottle of Lambert Estate sparkling wine. We stopped at a state forest in the Bega valley.

IMG_9958Lunch was wonderful, prawns, steak and Lambert bubbly, what more could you want! We took a picture to show on the map where we were with the picnic lunch in the rain forest.

Following lunch we headed into Eden as we listened to the Iron Butterfly 17 minute rendition of “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” which translated from drugged, drunkenness to “In The Garden of Eden”. We walked around town trying to find rooms at some motel or B&B without success so we drove down the road to the Golf View Motel, across from the course. DSC_0918As John said it, the bed was a $79 bed! We had a few drinks at the picnic table then went across the street to the Eden Country Club. The place was packed, we think the whole town was there. They were either eating, drinking or gambling. Go figure, the menu was Chinese, not bad.

The next morning we drove across the street to the Eden Golf Club for our 8:30 tee time. In the pro shop the pro told us they did have Kangaroos and they were friendlier than the ones at Anglesea and off we went. Not long after starting we began to see tens of kangaroos laying down on the fairways and others feeding on the grass. Amazing, we saw a female with the Joey sleeping in the pouch (lead picture), head dangling. We continued to play, the course was in fantastic condition and a excellent test of golf. We passed another mom kangaroo and the Joe’s feet were hanging out of the pouch guess he was feeding. What a day was had by all! Enjoy Eden Golf Club.

After golf we took off for our next destination of Narooma, Nick at Eden Golf Club told us it was a great course and not to miss it. Just before we left the motel, Janice had searched for a place to stay in Narooma, not wanting another $79 dollar bed, and found a B&B named Anchor’s Aweigh. We arrived there around dinner time and met Heather and Kerry. Kerry and Pete hit it off immediately, Kerry also flies remote controlled planes for a hobby.

We received information from the golf club that we could not play until one o’clock, so we had to make a decision and it was unanimous, we would stay at Anchors Aweigh for two nights.
Heather recommended we have dinner at the Inlet restaurant. The restaurant was right down on the harbor and the food was excellent.

The next morning John and Janice took a ride into town, John needed some additional medication at the pharmacy and they were very nice and provided it as an “emergency prescription” so getting a doctors script was not necessary.

We picked up Bunny and Pete and went for a ride around town.

We were looking for the manta rays, Janice thought we were looking for manatees, we found neither but found some lovely scenery and rock formations. We later found out the manta rays were near the boardwalk.

We arrived at Narooma Golf Club and checked in for our tee time. The pro gathered carts for us, the morning was a championship round for the men so carts were scarce.

We got to the third hole, a par 3 from cliff to cliff, it was magnificent. DSC_0451This hole is considered one of the most beautiful holes in all of Australia,  As we approached the green a crow was playing with John’s yellow golf ball moving it about three feet.  We laughed and moved the ball back.  Two holes later we approached John’s ball and a crow picked it up in his beak and flew out over the ocean, no more ball!  As we pulled to the next tee, the gentlemen told us that they had an orange ball that one of the crows flew away with.  John went to a white ball without any  more problems.

The first seven and last two holes are on the water, the others are in the forest, the Aussie’s call it the bush.DSC_0460After the 7th hole we needed to take our things out of the cart, carry our clubs and personal items over a bridge that could not support a cart, load our items on a cart on the other side and play holes 8 to 15. We were all wondering if it was strong enough to hold us!

Breathtaking scenery and dramatic golf – these words encapsulate what Narooma Golf Club has to offer.”
Brendan James – editor of Golf Australia

We cannot say enough about this course the condition was perfect, every lie in the fairway was perfect and the greens rolled beautifully.

That evening we went to dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant in town, thank God we shared a meal because the portions were enormous. The next morning breakfast by Kerry was DSC_0990scrumptious and we learned about their travels in the US. Kerry was an information technology executive that specialized in logistics.  Both Kerry and Heather were collectors and had an endless collection of various items in the bed and breakfast. A fun story was about the  “expressway table”. Apparently when they were driving from Washington DC, Heather saw a garage sale and told Kerry to get off because she knew there was a table she wanted, guess what there was!


DSC_0487There is a train that operates on a set of tracks that hangs from the ceiling, going from room to room through the walls. There were wonderful collections of coins, buttons and many other items including a baby carriage with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Janice was sitting on the front porch with Heather, looking at the Rainbow parrots when they saw kookaburra’s up on the electric wires, the pair had two chicks, awesome!kookaburra3

We had a wonderful stay with Kerry and Heather. If you heading up or down the coast between Sydney and Narooma this is a must place to stay. Thanks to Kerry and Heather!


Our drive to Sydney from Narooma was to be about 4 hours, with a few points of interest along the way, plus lunch.

We headed to “The Blow Hole” DSC_0493in Kiama, a place that Heather had told us we could not miss. We stayed as close to the ocean as we drove north on the highway.

We arrived in Kiama, beautiful seaside resort town and drove out to the lighthouse and the blow hole.  Changing drivers  so Pete the “wheelman” could take us into Sydney and fight the city traffic.

We arrived at our last hotel of the trip, The Russell Hotels, located on the Rocks!  We returned the car to Avis and completed the 4,200 miles of driving between New Zealand and Australia.

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