Dateline July 25, 2012: Bath Maine and the “Radio Guy”

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We departed beautiful Acadia National Park and headed south down the coast of Maine to visit one of Janice’s grade school, high school mates, Bob Bittner in Bath, Maine.  Janice had not seen Bob since high school and became connected via Facebook. We arrived at their home about noon with a plan on having lunch on their porch overlooking the water.

View from backyard

Bob and his wife Raisa moved from Boston to Maine several years ago and purchased this large acreage on the water and immediately redid the home.

Bittner Fireplace

Raisa is an architect so the house is amazing with a wonderful great room with beautiful fireplace and spectacular ceilings..unbelievable.

Janice and Bob immediately started talking non stop about old times and friends. Bob had been in the radio business for the last 20 years and owns Bob Bittner Broadcasting which includes 2 radio stations, WJTO, located on his property in Bath and WJIB in Cambridge Mass. Both stations are AM and concentrate on Adult Standard music from the 1930’s through the 1960’s and draw from over 5,400 records and albums. We grill some hamburgers and hot dogs outside and enjoyed reminising.


After lunch Bob took us up to the radio station towards the back of the property. You have never seen so many records 78’s, 33’s and 45’s (for those of you that are young these are 3 different formats for records). The broadcast studio for the station has all the equipment needed to build the show, add announcements and time of day for automatic operation or Bob can be the Live “DJ”.

Very old

We looked through thousands of records, oldies but goodies!

John said he would love to have a week to record the music from the albums for his computer, such a great collection!  Many of Bob’s listeners send in albums for the collection.

As we were leaving through the garage Janice noticed the walls were covered with license plates. Bob has been collecting license plates since he was a teenager. There were plates from all over the world, it was amazing and it did not represent all the license plates he owns, apparently he has thousands and trades with people from around the world!

It was time to say goodbye, as we headed out towards our next adventure we bid Bob and Raisa goodbye.

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