Dateline May 23 – Juneau Alaska and Tracey Arm Fjord-Sawyer Glacier

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Sawyer Glacier

This is a day that will be remembered the rest of our lives. We caught the 56 foot Adventure Bound boat at 8:00 AM in Juneau and traveled south for several hours to the Tracy Arm Fjord and Sawyer Glaciers. The trip down was through unbelievably beautiful mountains raising from the sea, uninhabited by humans, but the wild occasional bears, eagles, goats , seals and humpback whales. The boat would stop

The Adventure Bound

along the way so we could get close up to the wild life. As we arrived at the fjord Steve Weber, the Captain and owner of the boat slowly drove through the icebergs and iceflows to get us to about 400 yards from the Sawyer Glacier. This may be one of the best reasons for traveling Alaska by road and ferry and not just a cruise ship. The cruise ships cannot get a view of the Sawyer glaciers because of the icebergs. We had about 30 people with us on the boat and were served in the cabin by Tim Treadwell, a college geology student,    his father is the current Lt. Governor of Alaska. We arrived back in Juneau around 6:30 PM.

Words will not describe the experience. We think the pictures better tell the story, please enjoy, we sure did.

The Glacier

Entering Tracy Arm Fjord

The water is 900 feet deep at the base of the glacier.

Glacier breaking up and crashing into fjord.
The depth of color was amazing

The views were amazing and the wild life was equally great.

Humpback Whale BTW (Bad Tourist Whale) Not cooperating by not breaching!
Bald Eagles are fantastic but so plentiful, you think you are in New York dealing with pigeons!
1-year-old brown bear (captain said so), eating mussels on the rocks
Mountain Goat and baby
First Bear we saw
Seal rookery at base of Glacier, babies shortly
Mother eagle with 2 juveniles

The Icebergs

Iceberg on the way into Sawyer Glacier
Iceberg..all one iceberg with incredible cut-outs
another iceberg..can't even tell you how beautiful

The Waterfalls

onto the waterfalls in the fjord
just look

We took over 500 pictures..they do not do this justice..we will talk more about using the Marine Highway to see Alaska in a summary blog..stay off the cruise ships you miss the best parts of Alaska, they go to the fjord but they cannot get to the glacier (cannot even see it) because it is narrow and the icebergs!