Dateline May 6 – Heading to the RTJ Alabama Golf Trail

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As we left our home on Flagler Beach we headed for our first stop over for the golf adventure on the Robert Trent Jones Alabama trail. After about 7 hours we arrived at Destin Florida and the Henderson State Park. They have camping areas for RV’s as well as just beach parking. This was our first trip to the Florida panhandle since the BP gulf oil spill. How do you say beautiful! It was spectacular! There is no indication that the environmental disaster took place. The sea is a marvelous entity that took the spill and cleaned it up on it’s own. There was no trace of the problem.

The beauty of the beach and the park were beyond our expectations. The places to park the RV were lined with trees and scrub trees to provide a sense you were parked alone.                         

The path to the beach was a series of walkways to protect the dunes.

These dunes provide an eco for turtles to lay there eggs and monarch butterflies to leave their larva on their trip to Mexico in the fall.  This is a destination that is worth the time to make. The

                                                                                                                            sand on the beach is like powder, walking is such a pleasure. We always wonder how such a great park can be available, so a little history may help. The surrounding beaches all have large condo or resorts on the beach, this is totally pristine.

Named for its previous owners, the park was purchased in 1983 from the Henderson family estate and opened to the public on March 29, 1991. This was the first acquisition under the Save Our Coast Program, a land conservation program initiated by the state. The Henderson family wanted the land preserved to protect the natural features of the area, and to provide the public with an opportunity to enjoy the surroundings. The initial construction of the park included two picnic pavilions with restrooms, beach access boardwalks, an entrance station and park support facilities.

In March 2000, 30 campsites, a bathhouse with restrooms and showers, camping area, playground and an additional beach access boardwalk were added to provide visitors with more access to the park. A beautiful three-quarter mile nature trail was built through this partnership between the Friends of Henderson Beach State Park and the park. The trail now provides visitors with a rare view of some of the last remaining and endangered coastal scrub communities in the Florida panhandle. See where the monarch butterflies lay there eggs and the sea turtles come to lay their eggs. It is spectacular and beautiful. If ever in the area, enjoy! The park RV cost was only $16.00 for the night, we hate to admit, but being 65 helped!