It may be raining – But the Wine is Great

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Willamette Valley Vineyard

We spent the morning catching up on various activities including getting the first blog post finished.  Our friends Chuck and Joan Clow, both from Oregon and now living in Florida told us their favorite winery was Willamette Valley Vineyard.  This was our start to a few days of tasting.  The Pinot Noirs are just fantastic and every bit as good as we have read.  We tried a number of the wines and purchased a few bottles to add to the growing selection in the Roadtrek, sorry Stanley Lambert, we will still treat you as our favorites!!

Having been involved in World Wine Boutique we are considered part of the industry and enjoy the benefits of being “IN”the biz, not that we would take advantage of that.  We asked Mickey, an original founding investor in WVV, for some recommendation.  He had a “must see” (or is that taste) on our way to McMinnville for the night.

So our next stop was Left Coast Cellars.  Enjoying Rush, we thought he may be involved, always referring to the west coast as the left coast.  There is nothing more enjoyable than the small boutique wineries where yo0u can experience the joy and passion for wonderful wines.  Devon McMillen, the Hospitality Manager took us through the wines.  We particularly enjoyed a wonderful white “The Orchards Pinot Gris” and a wonderful 2006″Suzanne’s Estate Reserve Pinot Noir”  Wines like these make these visits just special.

We discussed with Devon, the challenges in distributing small producers wines and shared stories about a fulfillment house that we had both been involved with.

Back to our lodgings for the night and more wine tasting tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Courtney

    Keep sharing the adventure! The more posts the better. I’ve been thinking about Grammy a lot today. I know she would be so excited about your journey. Give the family our love!

  2. OPPS, my better half, you know the intelligent one, found this rest of your blog so my email to you doesn’t make much sense. WOW!!!Familiar picture…looks like a beautiful day. Wish we could have joined you. Keep it out of the ditches, Chuck

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