Dateline January 30, 2015 – “Ace” Bunny Warenski – Hole in One!!!


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Bunny shoots a Hole in One on the third hole at Cape Kidnappers!

What we have not told you is back at the Wairakei Golf Club
Bunny put her clubs on the ground to warm up at the practice range, she picked them up and YUCK there was duck poop on then wh...

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Dateline January 27, 2015 – Taupo and Ambleside B & B

We drove down to Taupo from Auckland, making a day of it visiting various sites along the way.  Much of New Zealand is results of volcanic activity during the development of the earth.  We stopped in Rotorua It is always interesting to see the geysers, cauldrons and the hot mud baths,it reminded us ...

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