Dateline August 14, 2015: Summer Travels Begin (Family and Friends)

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john ferry best
We have enjoyed a beautiful spring and early summer with family, friends and neighbors in Flagler Beach and the wonderful golf course we play at, Riviera Golf Club (The Riv),  in Holly Hill.  The time came to pick up on our travels.  

We packed the car for out six plus week travels, first destination was  Long Island and a visit with our good friends Cindy and John Zammett.  As we always try to avoid the heavy traffic and like to avoid as much of I-95 (The East Coast Parking Lot that runs from Miami to Maine, at least it seems that way!) we planned our drive to avoid the worst traffic between Richmond, Virginia and New York City and went east along the Virginia shore across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge–Tunnel a 23-mile fixed link crossing at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay in the U.S. state of Virginia. It connects the Delmarva Peninsula with Virginia Beach.  We then drove north about 50 miles for the night. 


In the morning we drove about 150 miles to the town of Lewes and took the Lewes/Cape May Ferry across to Cape May, New Jersey. thumb_DSC_0425_1024The ferry was a great way to relax a little on the trip.  The Garden State Parkway took us up to The Outer Bridge Crossing to Staten Island, a little traffic going across to the Verazzano Bridge to Brooklyn and then the Belt Parkway past JFK airport and out to Long Island.  It turned out that the whole trip was easier and so much less traffic – a great alternative to good old I-95!

We visited John and Cindy Zammett. They took us out for a wonderful evening on their boat in Huntington Bay and over for dinner in Northport. 

Huntington Harbor with Zammetts

The ride back included a beautiful sunset and the excitement of what we thought was a big fire at one of Cindy’s friends house,   Actually we found out later it was a false alarm, someone saw smoke from across the bay and called it in, it was the Bar BQ, steak well done!  The comedy was that the Huntington Fire Department was having a meeting at the station, so every truck went out to the scene.  The next evening we enjoyed a great dinner at the Zammett’s with Bob and Rose Melillo, it was great to see them.

We departed on Thursday morning heading to Derry New Hampshire to visit Janice’s sister’s home.  Since we like the Ferries, we took one from Port Jefferson, Long Island to Bridgeport Ct.  We then finished the drive up to Connie and Lee’s and met up with Janice’s brother Brian and had a few glasses of wine.

The next morning we all headed out to Lake Sunapee New Hampshire. Our family trips to lake Sunapee always includes a stop at the cemetery to visit her parents.

Loons on Lake Sunapee A Martini toast to Stanley, regardless of the time of day is a MUST!

After the visit we rented loon and babya pontoon boat and the six of us boated around Lake Sunapee.  Of course New Hampshire is known for it’s Loon’s (that is a bird) so we were lucky to see a Mom with her baby. connie fishWe stopped for lunch in a small inlet. Andrea and Brian went swimming to the rocks and Connie went fishing and she caught a bass, I know it is hard to see!



Since golf is always a part of the trips we played on Monday morning at Amherst Country Club in Amherst, N.H. just outside of Manchester. Maurica Smith is the teaching pro and had just graduated from Webber International University in Florida this spring. Maurica was raised at “The Riv” and took lessons from Donnie Klem, The Riv teaching pro. Donnie is also famous for his teaching programs called “Klemphonix”.

Good bye to New Hampshire and on to Janice’s Uncle Bill and Aunt Margaret for golf and dinner. Brian and Andrea also joined us. Our cousin Brian also joined us for dinner.  We had many laughs about old times and family, a little politics too! The next morning Janice, John, Brian and Uncle Bill went over to Cranberry Golf Club for 18 holes. Janice’s uncle Bill (in his 80’s) walked with Brian, John and Janice rode. We could not complete the round before the rains came but it was a terrific day with a great lunch when Andrea and Aunt Margaret joined us in the club house.

We headed out the next morning for Pinehurst Golf Club via James and Mary’s house in Wind Gap PA. We got to meet the latest grandchild Elizabeth, john and colindid some swimming with Collin and had a lovely evening dinner and wine.We will be back in WIndGap the first of September for a longer visit.

We left in the morning for Williamsburg to visit Janice’s cousin Kathy, her husband Eddie and Aunt Helen. We had a great evening of visits with Helen, James and Adele followed by a wonderful Lasagna dinner made by Eddie. We had a great visit. The following morning it was off to Pinehurst for Janice’s North/South Senior Golf Tournament.

This ended our first family stops with some more tournaments and interesting history of our nation and Canada to come.


  1. Jan DeMarco

    Janice Good Luck at the North South ! Played “The Riv” with Joanie yesterday even though it was a bit soggy from the rains. She said you did very well at the Canadian Senior – Good Going!

    1. John and Janice

      Jan: Thanks so much, Janice

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