Dateline June 16, 2012: James and Mary’s Wedding

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Garage June 13

After two weeks at home we are back in the Road Trek. One of the “home” projects was to build a garage and a storage room in the old carport that connects directly to the kitchen. Here is a picture of the cement blocks as we leave the house. We will include some pictures as we get them on the progress while we are enjoying our trip.

First stop is Gettysburg for our son James’ wedding to Mary Albin. Friday night we held the rehearsal dinner in Gettysburg at The Appalachian Brewing Company, just up the block from some of the Gettysburg battle grounds, fortunately there were no battles indoors between the wedding party and the parents. It was a pleasure to meet all of

James and Mary with sister Kieran and Janice

Mary’s family, her parents Janet and Jim were great people and all the family was so pleasant.   A great time was had by all. The “virtual keg” was the open bar with all the various beers made at the brewery being available established a good start for what , for some was a long evening.We have no knowledge of the “after party” as it was well beyond our bed time.

Granddaughter Izzy

Our grand daughter Izzy did everything to be the center of attention. John made a toast to the couple recognizing all the “women” in James’ life, starting with sister Kieran, his mother Rosellen and her best friend, and great friend to all of the family, Maureen Corbett, Janice and ending with Mary, who really has tamed him, since the rest of us couldn’t!

Right to left..Maureen, Rosellen, James, Janice, Kieran and Mary

Saturday was beautiful and an ideal day for an outside garden wedding. Mary’s sister Shelly hosted a lovely brunch at her house. We enjoyed a quiet afternoon at the Codorus State Park, just outside Hanover, where we camped. We then headed over for the 6:00 wedding, parked the RV and of course made ourselves a drink. We got out and immediately found John’s sister Carol and her husband Parker.

Carol and Parker


Many of James’ mothers family was down from Long Island and it was fun to see all of them. We headed over where the wedding was going to take place.

Groomsmen including John

Janice was one of the selected photographers so kept very busy snapping pictures. Mary’s brother John is deployed to Afghanistan, so unable to attend, but he was still in wedding!

Her other brother Jim, had his reserve duty this weekend and also was not able to attend  

James and Mary Wilson
First Kiss

The crowed moved over to the pavilion for the reception. A good time was had by all with all dancing up a storm. When it came time to cut the cake, James told of the tradition in the Wilson family of using his grand fathers sword from ROTC graduation at the University of Washington in 1944 that had been used when he and “Grammy” were married and used by all of the family since. Dancing continued with John dancing with James’ mother and his daughter Kieran.

Our best wishes to James and Mary Wilson.

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