Dateline: February 11, 2015 – New Zealand – Good Bye and Thanks

As we bid adieu to New Zealand there are many thanks to our many hosts along the way.  Staying in the various Bed and Breakfasts along the way gave us a great appreciation for traveling that way.  When we travel in the future we will try to use available B&Bs.

Our first thank you goes to ...

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Dateline February 10, 2015: Millbrook Resort and Queenstown

We came down into the valley to our final destination in New Zealand, the Millbrook Resort, just outside the city of Queenstown. The one lane bridges can be a challenge, you must watch to see if you have right of way depending on the arrows. It takes queueing to its highest level.
We checked into t...

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Dateline February 5, 2015 – Lake Tekapo – Lake Tekapo Lodge – Church of the Good Shepherd

The next stop at Lake Tekapo was a lovely Lodge "The Lodge at Lake Tekapo", where Stephanie and Alistair greeted us. It was a very cold day, around 10C and raining, the mountains had very little snow. 

We learned the difference between a lodge and B&B in New Zealand. A lodge will also ser...

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Dateline February 4, 2015 – Terrace Downs and Quickenberry B&

We arrived at the Terrace Downs golf course at our scheduled time but the wind was blowing about 40 mph with gusts up to 60, so golf was OUT. The golf course is set in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains and the wind comes howling through. The people at the clubhouse were very nice and al...

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Dateline February 3, 2015: Christchurch

We left the Marlborough Valley early in the morning and drove towards Christchurch. On route we made a stop and were very surprised that we were at a seal colony. What made it very special is there were many baby seals playing on the rocks and in the pools of water. There were a few having lunch wit...

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Dateline February 1, 2015: To the South Island, The Marlborough Valley and the Knights of the Sky

We departed Wellington early in the morning to catch the ferry that would take us from the North Island of New Zealand to the South Island.
The ferry ride was about three hours. Interesting enough, our cars were parked on recessed railroad tracks.  We were happy no trains competed for our space...

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Dateline – January 31, 2015 – Wellington

After a fantastic breakfast at the Millhills Lodge we took to the road for Wellington.  The drive was beautiful as we meandered south driving through small towns, stopping for “takeout” and a public restroom we took the coast road down 56-58 driving though small beach areas.

We arrived in Welling...

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Dateline January 30, 2015 – Cape Kidnappers

We drove from the Millhills Lodge to our golf game at Cape Kidnappers. We arrived at the entrance to the course in the 30 minutes our GPS device (Tom Tom) said, but, we were not at the course. There was a gate where we rang to have it open and were advised to drive carefully it would be about a ...

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Dateline January 30, 2015 – “Ace” Bunny Warenski – Hole in One!!!


Extra Extra Read All About It!!

Bunny shoots a Hole in One on the third hole at Cape Kidnappers!

What we have not told you is back at the Wairakei Golf Club
Bunny put her clubs on the ground to warm up at the practice range, she picked them up and YUCK there was duck poop on then wh...

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